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LR and related technical pages

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Technical and useful info

Land Rover - Special service tools - http://www.spxuk.co.uk/

Driveline Part identification from Dane : http://www2.dana.com/expert/wc.dll?cvsp~Dedsec~ 

Ed Hacketts 'More than you ever wanted to know about Motor Oil'

RAC Vehicle Check

Oldsmobile 215 V8 FAQ

The definitive 'Alarm Spider / Immobiliser Hell' article from the LRE Forum

UJ Tech info from Dana/Spicer http://www.gwb-essen.de/fahrzeugbau/english/ - Ever wondered why LRs have offset yokes in the front prop? the answer is here...

Vehicle Painting Pointers http://www.stephen.hull.btinternet.co.uk/index.html - some useful info, well loads actually!

Land Rover Manuals http://www.landrover.ee/est/varia/downloads/cars.htm

TD5 Information http://www.disco2.com/tech/td5engine/ - from Disco2.com

SVA Info http://www.via.gov.uk/vehicle_testing/sva/sva.htm - Vehicle Inspectorate Website

Scary Steering - Custom trucks by people who just don't understand...

Pirate 4x4s Tech PDF Library http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PDFs/ - Lot's of useful stuff here

Bagpress http://www.bagpress.com - Makers of vacuum press kits for woodworking and composite work.

SVA Advice http://www.totalkitcar.com/tech_registration.shtml

DVLA Vehicle section http://www.dvla.gov.uk/vehicles/vehicles.htm

Vacuum Gauge Interpretation http://www.users.bigpond.com/ergoff/vac1.htm

Reader Aircon http://www.readerair.co.uk/airconditioningmain1.htm Retrofit Aircon...

Hot Rod Air - Aftermarket AirCon http://www.hotrodair.com/index.html

Air Conditioning Information http://www.delanet.com/~pparish/

Water Injection notes http://www.rbracing-rsr.com/waterinjection.html - Recommended by BillS

Pneumatics Practical Guide http://www.legris.com/Legris/en_EN/home2.nsf/vuid/GuidePageBM - from Legris


Cheap On-Board Air http://www.ifsja.org/tech/misc/cheapair.shtml 

On Board Air Conversion http://www.tmcom.com/~tsm1/scout/faq/77onboardair.html 

Bolt Thread Tables http://stigfasteners.bizland.com/TechInfo1.chtml

Cylinder Head Tech http://www.beautyofspeed.com/data/cylinder_headtech/

Ignition Advance Curves http://yarchive.net/car/advance_curve.html - From John De Armond

Web-Rover http://www.web-rover.co.uk/page.php3?p=home - TD5 transplant details, and good TD5 Knowledge Base

Cobra Seats http://www.cobraseats.com/


Corbeau Seats http://www.corbeau-seats.co.uk/

Winching with a HiLift Jack http://www.j8g.co.uk/landy/hilift/index.html - how to do it properly and safely.

DieselRover http://www.scratchstudio.net/ includes Powerastroke install, and various LR list archives.


Essex V6 Related

South African Essex Engine Builder http://www.nicksracing.com/

Laffey.co.uk http://www.laffey.co.uk/ford/v4v61.php - Has some Essex setup info - ignition timing etc. though I think it is
wrong (check the max advance figures).

ScimWeb For Sale pages http://www.scimweb.com/market/parts.html - Not LR, but handy for the hybrid....

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